Monday, December 29th, 2008Here's Some Albums I've played on:


On Chiaroscuro: “Play That Song" (with Terry Gibbs Quartet)
On Dreyfus: “Blues and Politics" (with Mingus Big Band)- *Grammy award nomination
“Tonight at Noon" (with Mingus Big Band)
"True Story" ( with Jean-Michel Pilc)
On ARC "Motherless Child" (with John Blake)
On ArtistShare "Simpatico" (with Bryan Lynch/Eddie Palmieri)
* Grammy Award 2007
On Universal: “I Am Three" (with Mingus Big Band, Orchestra & Dynasty)
On Polydor: “Four Seasons" (with Monday Michiru)
“Recollections" (with Monday Michiru)
On Quality: “Moods" (with Monday Michiru)
On NY JAM: “Round Again" (with Jon Ballantyne)
On Arabesque: “Live And In Clave" (with Bobby Sanabria) – *Grammy award nomination
On Khaeon: “Quarteto, Ache!" (with Bobby Sanabria)
On Panda Moon: “Birds of the Heart" (with John Di Martino)
On Justin Time: “100 years of Duke" (with EBU Jazz Orchestra")
On Half Note: “Sahara" (with Miri Ben-Ari)
On Criss Cross: “Hindsight"
"Generations" (with Alex Sipiagin)
“Combinations" (with David Kikoski)
"A Jones For Bones Tones"(w/Conrad Herwig)

On Voice Magic “Coledy" (with Urszula Dudziak)
On HCP: “Storm watch" ,
“Your style is Good"
“Now You Know" (with New Hype Jazz)
On Laughinghorse: “City of Dreams" (with David Gonzalez & the Poetic License Band)
On Same Ach: "Yaron Gershovsky" (with Yaron Gershovsky)
On NLO: “Kind Of Red" (with N. Levinovsky)
On Concord "Mosaic" (w/Carribean Jazz Project)
On Disk Union: “Comfortable Strange" (with David Kikoski trio)
“David Kikoski 5" (with David Kikoski 5-tet)
"Tanuki's Night Out" (with Lew Tabackin)
On ZOO’T: “Do this Make You Mad" (with Brian Lynch)
On Palmetto: “Palante" (with Ray Vega)
On MFC: “Tanuki’s Night Out" (with Lew Tabackin)
On Reservoir: “Back In Town" (with Rob Schneiderman)
On Intrique “Live in LaPaz" (with Marlon Simon & the Nagual Spirits)
On SteepleChase "Ballroom"
"Heavy Mirth"
" To Hellas And Back"
"Unsafe At Any Speed" (with Jack Walrath)
"Ronnie" (with Ronnie Cuber)
On SunnySide "Come Together" (with George Colligan)
"Mingus Sings" (with Mingus Big Band)